New School Outreach Program

The food shelf is very excited to launch a School Outreach Program, thanks to the efforts of volunteer and former teacher Caroline Shepard, and board member Helen Curtis. The initiative is designed to send food home with students in need to be sure they are not hungry over the weekend. Caroline and Helen work closely with the Woodstock Elementary School and the Prosper Valley School to determine a list of foods that they then purchase and deliver monthly to the schools. The food is discreetly given out to students for them to bring home.

Currently, there are 22 WES students and 5 PVS students participating. The students are chosen by the guidance counselors and nurses. “They tell us the number and we provide. It is their job to make sure the distribution is discreet and to hand out food on Friday, or whatever day they choose,” Helen says. “In short, we provide the food, deliver it, and they take it from there.”

The first delivery in January was comprised of about $116 worth of food. It included
Annie’s macaroni and cheese, Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, individual oatmeal packs with fruit, as well as applesauce, peaches, fruit cocktail, granola bars (2 kinds), and peanut butter crackers. Each student will get 2 portions for each of the weekends in a month (e.g. macaroni and cheese, and applesauce).

“In the future, depending on the wishes of the guidance counselors and nurses, we hope to provide nuts, dried fruit and perhaps animal crackers,” Helen says. “We are in the very beginning stages of this project. We hope to expand to the high school sooner rather than later.”

The food shelf  looks forward to seeing this new program expand to serve more students.

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