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In the year 2015, we spent $10,066 on paper shipping bags. That equals 146, 800 individual bags. It’s true that paper bags are easy to recycle, but they have a high environmental cost to manufacture. This includes the release of heavy metals and greenhouse gasses into the environment. While we don’t have plastic bags up at our registers, our plastic produce bags are also problematic. While theoretically they are recyclable, we cannot recycle them in our area.

Consider that the average American uses between 300-500 plastic bags per year and only using them for an average of 12 minutes before throwing them out. That adds up to 100-150 billion bags used last year in the US alone. Many cities across the country are looking at measures to reduce and eliminate single-use bags in stores. In fact, many countries around the world have gone bag-free for years.

This is why we want you to help us launch our new campaign:

Our Vision:
Where reusable bags are used exclusively for all shopping throughout the Upper Valley community.

Our Goal:
To eliminate the use of single use paper and plastic bags at the Woodstock Farmers’ Market
How Can You Help?


Bring reusable bags with you every time you shop! If you do need to use a plastic produce bag, make sure to save it and bring it with you next time.

Left you bags at home? Check our “Bag Library” to see if there are any donated reusable bags available. If you have any kicking around at home, bring them in for others to use

We’ll be selling our famous WFM reusable bags for only $1. Grab a few and keep them in your car.
Starting May 1st, we will be charging 10 cents per large paper bag and 5 cents per small/medium paper bag. All proceeds will be donated to the Woodstock Community Food Shelf.
Purchase a mesh bag for veggies/fruit and use it over and over. You can even wash your vegetables in the bag.

If you use a plastic produce bag, combine multiple items in it. Cashiers will weigh your different produce separately. No need to segregate them.
Shop Naked! Consider going without plastic bags at all. Let your produce go naked in your shopping bag. Not recommended for green beans, Brussels sprouts, peas, and other small items).

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Donate to the Woodstock Community Food Shelf
It's quick, easy and every dollar counts! Plus your donation is 100% deductible.
Friends of Woodstock Community Food Shelf
Food Wishlist
  • pasta
  • spaghetti sauce
  • hot and cold cereal
  • canned tuna
  • canned soups and stews (preferable low sodium)
  • canned fruit and vegetables (preferably low sugar and low salt)
  • peanut butter
  • coffee
  • baked beans
  • boxed macaroni & cheese